Review for Perfect Chemistry

Review for Perfect Chemistry

225481975 stars. This one turned out to be pretty sweet and lovely. Alex really changed for the better (as I expected he would). 🙂

Wow, wow wow. I absolutely adored this book! I think I finally found myself another series to lose myself in. In a way a lot of the book felt like the Pushing The Limits series. Girl with secrets and problems + Bad Boy with problems. The way the book was told and how it felt were the same as well. Not sure how to explain better, so I hope this explanation is good enough. 🙂

We have 2 POVs. One is Britt(any) and the other is Alex. Both have their secrets and their agendas. Brittany, to the world she looks like a gorgeous and perfect spoiled princess, but soon we find out this is just a mask, a way of dealing with life, a life that isn’t easy on her. Then we have Alex, a bad boy in a gang, everyone thinks he does drugs, murders and beats anyone messing with him, but we soon find out this is also just a mask and just a way for him to survive his life, which just like Brittany isn’t an easy one. Two people, not that much in common, two worlds and they both collided with a bang.

I loved Brittany, ok, that took a bit of a time to get me to love her. She had various things that I didn’t like, but I also could see she was a sweet girl who will do anything to help her friends, who does anything to help her big sister who has cerebral palsy (and a slew of other things). She is not afraid to open her mouth and kick some ass. And I can imagine she hides herself behind her mask. I would do the same thing.
I loved her with Alex, and while at first I was doubting their relationship, I soon saw that they were just meant to be together.
I was sad for her that her boyfriend Colin changed so much during the summer. I wish we could have seen him as he was before. Not the perverted asshole that he became after the summer. Though, I guess it was needed. If he was perfect and all that, it would have made it harder to pair her with Alex, to get her to be with Alex.
I loved Brittany at the end, my oh my, she has grown so much. She is hiding less behind the mask and showing more of her real self to people.

Alex, ah Alex. At first I didn’t like him, he really was a dick and a bully. But I soon saw another side to him. Of course, I didn’t always like him. The whole bet to get into Brittany’s pants for example. Or the part were he was thinking of just raping her (when she was drunk). Those were the times that I just wanted to kick Alex in his balls. Seriously, dude, don’t make bets like that.
But, even with all this, I knew we weren’t seeing all there is to Alex. I knew there was a better Alex under all that façade and I was right. Over the course of the book we meet another Alex, an Alex determined to help his family, to help Brittany. He only joined the gang for protection, and he tries to stay away from anything that is illegal.
Then added, the whole thing with how he reacted and acted around Shelley, Brittany’s sister. I just felt like I could cry. I have read enough books and seen things happen in real life. Most people don’t accept people who are handicapped, they either ignore them or they are rude/mean. Not Alex. Alex visits the sister, plays games with her, has fun conversations with her and so much more. He really showed a wonderful side there.

Colin, one of the characters I truly disliked. I have no clue how he was before the summer, but hearing Brittany talk about him, we know that he used to be sweet and lovely. For some reason (which we find out later) he turned into a total pervert. Almost pushing Brittany to sex. Without a condom even. Oh yes, he would pull back in time, oh no worries. *rolls eyes*Seriously dude, just no. Luckily Brittany is a strong girl and knows to say no.

The mom, bad parenting anyone? I won’t say much, because then the review would explode. Just this: I really hate how she treated Shelley. That is not how you treat someone like that.

There was something I didn’t like, and that was that they cheated. Brittany still had a boyfriend, yet she kissed Alex during that time. I won’t deduct stars for it, since from what I could remember it was just a 1 time thing.

The other thing I didn’t entirely like was the Spanish that was used. I followed a course on Spanish and so I could understand some words, but most just flew past me. Even searching up the words didn’t work, because most of the time the dictionary online didn’t recognize them. 🙁

Ah, the ending, I loved it. I was almost crying when things went down, and then got patched again. It was just so sweet, so beautiful and it made me so happy. <3

All in all, I would strongly recommend people read this book. There are some parts that might cause you to put the book away, but try a few more pages, believe me it will get better.


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