Review for Perfect Couple

Review for Perfect Couple

161408414.5 stars. -0.5 for characters that cheat. Wow, this was thousand times better than the first book. So glad I decided to continue with this series.

As most can see I didn’t really like the previous book. The characters, the sex and various other things were just things I didn’t like. However, I decided to continue with this series, since each book would feature a different character. Boy, am I glad I continued. Because this book is really good.

First up the characters. I really loved our main character, she is kick-ass and a wonderful person. Ok, so I had hoped she would have been a bit more honest with her boyfriend, since throughout the book we find out that their relationship is a bit boring and I kept wondering why they were together.
I loved that she loved photography, I can imagine the feeling of getting that picture right. I used to do a lot of photography and I was never satisfied until I got that one shot. I loved the way she dressed, her before and after dressing. I was happy to see she was loosening up and enjoy clothes that were a little less nerdy-chic. 🙂
The only thing I didn’t like was the cheating she did. I can imagine why she did it. Everyone wants affection and love, but I think it would have been better had she talked to her boyfriend about it.

It was great fun to see all the characters from the previous book again, and see them interact. Even though I didn’t like Tia or Will that much, I liked them in this book. They are a really cute couple and I am happy to see they are still happy and in love.

Then we have our male character. I am still not entirely sure about him. I know his reasons and I know about his bleh relationship. However, I still found him a bit of a player. Still he was a cute guy and I was rooting for Harper and him to get together. Since they made quite a nice couple.

The story is all about Harper and Brody, how they were voted and how they got together mostly for that (though we also find out that Harper was swooning over Brody for some time). There is also some LGBT stuff with friends of Harper coming out and doing so in a great fashion. There was also an interesting plot twist near the end that I really liked. It changed quite a few things and it was interesting to see the reactions of people.

All in all this book was really good and I would really recommend it. I can’t wait for the next book in this series, hopefully it will be just as fun as this one was.


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