Review for Please Remain Calm

Review for Please Remain Calm

22432577I was so excited when I heard there would be a sequel.

I adored the first book and I never expected (though hoped a lot) that there would be a second novel.
And now there is. It is really short, but super action packed and also, prepare tissues, you will need them! Since Courtney Summers doesn’t shy away from killing off people.

It took me some time to get into the book. It has been 2 years since I read the first book, so while I remembered some details, a lot had already faded to an unknown place in my head. Luckily this books tells us a bit about what happened, and also what happened to Rhys and Sloane. Which makes me happy, I was almost planning on reading the first book again. 🙂

This book is all about Rhys and how he and Sloane, and later other people, try to survive in a world full with zombies. There is no safe place any more. There is only pain, death and running for your life.
Rhys has his fair share of problems, his family background, the fact he had to kill his parents and several other things. Even though this is a short book, we still get to know Rhys even more. And he is a wonderful character. I loved how he was with Ainsley, he was a natural. Even in a world like this, he kept his kindness and friendliness.

Sloane was an interesting character in this one, though we don’t see much of her, we lose track of her after 1/3 of the book.

The story itself is interesting, though I won’t spoil much. I will just say that I had my suspicions on the fates of a character and I was right. It took away a bit of the surprise element when it happened, but still it broke my heart.

And then, dear Lord, that ending. Sorry, that just broke my heart. I won’t spoil anything, but let’s just say, that was one mean ending. Be prepared to cry or to shake your head. It will break you. I didn’t expect that to happen. 🙁

All in all, this was one hell of a rollercoaster ride. There were zombies (duh!), gore, blood, sadness and dealing with your past. I would strongly recommend this one to everyone who read the first book, or wants to start the series (in that case first read the first book, since this one is really a sequel).


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