Review for Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality

Review for Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality

15703337Pageants, make-overs, family drama, friendship, romance, this all is found in this deliciously wonderful book!

Lexi was an absolutely lovely girl, I loved how apparently she was popular, yet not that kind of popular. More like the girl to laugh with and the girl to talk with, but not the girl that you come to for a date or some romance.
Add to that, that she is a dedicated supporter for her sister, who is a pageant competitor. However, she doesn’t really like that. Especially since her mom just spends all their money on stuff like that. (More on the mom later, I really need to rant for a bit)
I loved how at first she was hesitant about make-up, but soon saw the benefits and tried to pay a bit more attention to herself, how she looked and what she wore. Of course, she also learns a lesson about beauty and inner beauty, and I loved to see how she went through this. How she started realising things.
One thing I didn’t like about her was her constant OMG Logan attitude. It got a bit boring and annoying, and one event especially made me cringe and just want to smack her for being such a total bitch. She has a wonderful boyfriend, but they break up (mostly because of a misunderstanding), but then she doesn’t correct it and goes with Logan… Like what the actual hell? So yeah, that was one thing that I just didn’t like. Maybe if we had a little less Logan? Maybe if she actually cared about her boyfriend instead of pining for another one?

The whole pageant stuff was interesting, but also disturbing. I remember watching some pageant shows on tv, and 2 things that stuck to me were: 1. The clothes the kids wore, seriously, what kind of parent dresses their kids up as prostitutes or sexy cowboys? 2. The attitude of the parents/children. A lot of the children were acting like they were princesses and they could do anything they wanted. And oh dear, if they didn’t get what they wanted immediately.
That was my problem with the sister. She was so spoiled, so used to getting her fricking will that she turned into a total little bitch. Saying mean stuff to her sister who is trying to care for her, who is trying to make sure everything is fine for her (otherwise she would incur the wreath of not only said sister, but also of mother). The sister changes, but sorry, I still couldn’t like her. I can understand why she became like this, but she was already ruined for me. Suddenly having her act all nice and friendly, I just didn’t buy it any more.

Then we have one of the biggest frustrations. The mom. Seriously, WTF is wrong with that woman. At times I was doubting she had any braincells. She acts like her younger child is a god, and mistreats her older child. Her older child has to work and make sure there is money, because her mom just spends all their money on pageants and making sure her younger child has a perfect life. Not only that, but the mom actually had the balls to steal money from her older child. Yes, stealing, like what the hell? What kind of parent are you to just steal money, oh and then when your kid is angry about it and demands the money back you act like she shouldn’t whine and hit her. WTH WTH… NO, just no.
And sorry, but I couldn’t care that she tried her bestie westie to get better and care more for her older daughter, I just hated her at that point and I wished that both the younger and the older child could have gotten out of her custody and just live with another family member. Some parents just don’t deserve kids.

But other than that, the book was great and I loved it. Our main characters friends are wonderful and I had a great time reading about them.

This is one book I would really recommend, it is funny, a little bit frustrating, but ah so fantastic. 🙂


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