Review for Say I love You Vol.5

Review for Say I love You Vol.5

21532192Wow, this volume had a lot of drama.

I can imagine Yamato might be a bit pissed off at Mei for what she did. On the other hand… isn’t it good that she is also opening up to other people? And sure it is about a topic like that, but hey, be happy she is talking to others. I know the feeling Mei has. She is embarrassed to talk about such a thing with her boyfriend so she finds someone else to talk about it. And in the end, I think she might start talking to Yamato about it. She just needs to practise on someone else.

The other thing that happened is that a rival appeared! I am actually kind of worried about Yamato and Mei, especially considering how Yamato reacted to Mei and the rival chatting. I must say though that I really like the rival and I am interested to see what will happen between everyone. Will Yamato and Mei stay together? Or will the rival push between them and break them up?
While Yamato and Mei are a cute couple, at times I am annoyed with them both. Mei, for thinking thoughts that aren’t that good and Yamato with how he acts with Mei (at times pushy, at times being angry with her without even asking/talking to her).

The art is still gorgeous and I really enjoy seeing the characters and the background.

All in all the series is really picking up speed and I can’t wait to see what will happen in the next volume!


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