Review for Strangers on the Train

Review for Strangers on the Train

14931056Wow, that was just horrendous. The new Nancy, sorry I wouldn’t call this Nancy Drew.

This is just a butchered and raped version of Nancy Drew, set in this age instead of the age the first one was in. I wanted to read this book because I was interested to see what had become of Nancy, and I also needed a book that was set in Alaska for a challenge. 2 in 1 book, a good deal no? Well, I am kind of sad I stuck my time in this book, I want my hour back. 🙁

Nancy Drew is apparently a college/university school girl, however, the book is written for Middle Grade/Children, and you can see that clearly. Nancy feels like she is actually between 13 and 16, not older as she is supposed to be. She is childish, amateurish and her way of speaking is just weird and off. And another thing, though this has to do with Nancy in general, she is too clean and nice. It is just not how teenagers these days act. It feels like someone took the Nancy from the beginning (where a lot of people indeed acted like this), gave her a cellphone, internet access and voilà, new Nancy.
I also felt that this Nancy failed in so much things. She let people find out she was snooping, she was busted more times than ever, she even made beginner mistakes. She didn’t even know the last culprit. I knew who both the culprits were after certain events at the beginning happened. Nancy? She was surprised, she didn’t get it. I don’t get how Nancy could miss this.

Gosh, Alan was dick. Throughout the whole book I just wanted to throw him off the cruise ship. He was nosy, annoying and I just didn’t trust him. Alan is also the biggest reason why I rated this book a 1.

It was fun to see George and Bess again. They are still the same, though they have the same problem as Nancy. They are college/university age, yet come across as 13-16 year olds.

The story itself is also pretty boring and I almost fell asleep a few times. I am glad this book was short, otherwise I would just have DNF.

Ah, another thing, from what I remember, the older Nancy books could be read regardless of how it was published. Sure, there would be things like returning characters or something old cases get brought back. However, this one apparently wants you to have read the first book. A lot of times the book would rehash the things that happened in the first book. It got quite annoying and I also felt utterly confused. Here I was thinking I could just drop into the book and then I find out you actually have to read them in order. Or at least some of the books you will have to. Not something I approve of. I loved the fact that with the old Nancy books you could just grab a random one of the pile and read it.

Also that cover is strange. You see a girl of around 13/14? Is that Nancy? Because sorry, the book clearly says Nancy is college/university age. Though we know how that ended up in the book. But still, illustration fail much?

All in all, I wouldn’t recommend these new Nancy’s and I am not going to continue reading them. If I need my Nancy fix I will either grab the older books or play the games that are out. At least those have honest and fun characters and a good story/mystery.


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