Review for The Girl & The Machine

Review for The Girl & The Machine

24356992I was one of the lucky 500 to receive this book for free from the author.

Sadly, the book didn’t turn out to be what I would like. I was thinking it was about time travel, noble actions and all that… but.. and I will put this under spoiler tags because sorry I just need to freaking rant/rage. So we find out that mister Franklin isn’t so fucking innocent as we think he was. He used, no, no abused his powers to get laid, and he didn’t give a freaking damn what the girls thought? Oh hey, they follow me, they give me somehow consent. Because, hey! Rape is what criminals do, and hey! Girls should just struggle more or should have said something? WTF. Seriously WTF. Just because they don’t say no, or just because they go willingly, doesn’t mean you can whatever you want with them. Franklin is truly the scum of the earth and all my sympathy for the guy disappeared when we found out he is actually a time-travelling rapist. It was instant hate, and my love for the book also went down. From an 3 stars, to 2.5, to in the end, sorry, a 1.5 stars. I just can’t like books like this. I hate rapists, I hate guys doing this kind of stuff. I have seen it happen in other books and I have read about cases in newspapers like this (a guy raping a girl but not seeing it as rape due to the girl not exactly saying no or struggling). I felt disgusted, I felt angry, and I absolutely didn’t expect this to happen.
Heather and what happened to her? I had my suspicions it wasn’t as easy as she said, especially since we know Franklin CAN’T travel to the future. And of course we find out that mister Franklin raped the poor thing, and she is very angry. He doesn’t even remember her (no wonder, since he probably raped lots of girls), and he apparently doesn’t mind telling her some details. *roll eyes*
Her revenge plan is interesting, but I don’t know. On the one hand I think it is a bit too much, but on the other I also kind of approve. I am really not sure what to think. I think I would rather see him in jail for all his crimes (though that might bring some things that won’t work. Considering he would just time travel out of the jail to a previous time). *sighs* At least he won’t be hurting anyone now, let’s just hope Heather will be using the powers for better. Though I am doubtful, since she is quite emotional and I am worried she might just do some stuff that will change/break things.

It is a short book, thank Lord, I don’t think I could handle more revelations or more confusion. I am still angry and I still want to throw with things. I will just need some games or other books to relieve from this anger.


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