Review for The Imaginary

Review for The Imaginary

22443909Short review.

This book is wonderful, however I didn’t particularly like the ending. It felt a bit incomplete and like there could be sequel (after all, who knows what will happen with that evil guy).

But the rest of the book is good. It switches between Amanda and Rudger (what a name), though quickly it is mostly about Rudger and his quest to find Amanda. I must say out of these 2 Rudger was my favourite character, because quite soon we find out Amanda is pretty rude and mean towards Rudger, treating him more as a slave than a friend. At first she was pretty nice and I loved their friendship, but as soon as Rudger has any thoughts for himself… well that is when all hell breaks loose. So you can imagine my happiness when we only got Rudger’s point of view after a certain event.
Poor Rudger, alone in the world and h(a)unted by a bad guy and his evil sidekick. I loved his journey and I kept cheering for him to find Amanda (yes, even though she was a total stuck-up brat).

The battles, the whole imaginary world and how it works, add to that something else, it was pretty much perfect.

Not only that but we got various illustrations that add something extra with it. It was really fun reading about various things and then seeing them back in the illustrations. That way I could see the horror that our antagonist is even better (though I could easily imagine it given the various descriptions).

All in all, I would highly recommend this one. Children and adults will love it.


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