Review for Vader’s Little Princess

Review for Vader’s Little Princess

15852522The second book I read in this series. This was a vast improvement from Goodnight Darth Vader, however it was still a bit lacking.

This mostly had to do with the fact that not all of these feature Leia. Some of them are pretty Leia-less. And the other problem was that it was quite confusing. One moment we would see tiny Leia, hugging her dad’s legs, in the next we would see her at age 16/18 and then back to tiny Leia. It was confusing and I think I would have loved the book more if the ages went up from child to teenager and then adult or if the books was just about Leia as a small child.

However there were various funny parts, things like tiny Leia hugging her dad’s legs while he is being all angry at someone. His reaction to this is adorable. And I loved the teenage Leia parts. How she was truly a teenager and how Darth was truly a father. For instance, his jealousy/anger at Han Solo is way funnier when you see it through this book. Or the fact Leia tried to go out in various outfits and her father would say no.

The art was once again decent, but again nothing special.

All in all though, this was a fun book, but I am not planning on reading the Luke one. The series is fun, but it is too much hit and miss for me. I would rather spend my time on something that is good. On recommending it? I am not sure if I would recommend it. Maybe for the die-hard fans, but other than them, not really.


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