Review for Walk Me Down

Review for Walk Me Down

22719121Urgh, just no. Horrendous characters, bad story, horrendous language.

Sorry I don’t mind a few curses, but this was just horrendous, all the characters are cussing more than that they are talking normally. And then there is also the thing that I hate how everyone is either gorgeous or a slut or an asshole. It felt really weird.

Also (just my opinion here) but seriously she had sex with him instantly? Without a date before that. Just one time at the dentist, a dance and then bang, sex? What? Hold on, what? No. Just No. Eww and no.

I disliked Tess, seriously, I disliked her soooo much. In the beginning before everything went wrong she was a spoiled little princess. Demanding stuff left and right and getting them. And after stuff happened she is some kind of depressed, I don’t care about life any more girl. At least that is how she seemed to me. Pissed, depressed, frustrated. Her attitude was horrendous. And sure, she has been through a lot, but it has been 4 years, I had hoped she would be a little less like this. More like that she found something else in her life and enjoys it. Instead she rants about everything.
I also don’t understand why she and Scarlett are friends. They just don’t seem to match much. Scarlett is, according to Tess, a slut (gee, you are soooo kind to your best friend *cough* not). There are various things that made me wonder how the hell they got together and ended up great friends.
She is seriously rude and urgh to people. She doesn’t generally say it to their faces but she does think stuff like this (this happened when she was getting food, and the cashier was just asking how our main character’s sister was): “If she tells me one more time how Tommie saved her fucking cat, I may be forced to poke myself in the eyes with needles. You’d think ‘ol Tommie gave the cat mouth to mouth saving it from spending the rest of its eight lives in hell. No, she simply doctored it with antibiotics.” Seriously girl what is wrong with you? That woman is just happy that her cat lives, no need to get rude and think such things.

Also seriously, how often do we need to get this sentence said: “I let Finn fuck me at the G spot the other night.” We get it, he did that (and I skipped over that part where that happened), there is no need to rehash it to ever single person you see.

There were NO characters I liked. None at all. Finn is horrendous (and has a bad attitude), Kara was just jealous and horrendous, Scarlett was meh, Tommie was so-so. It has been some time since I truly disliked everyone in a book.

And what is so wrong if someone doesn’t date? That doesn’t mean they are turning into a lesbian. What the hell is wrong with these people?

Dear Lord that ending. I knew, I knew. Of course they couldn’t do stuff without that. I do doubt the age of the characters. I would expect someone of her age to know how stuff works, but apparently not. *sighs*
And I strongly dislike how the book ended, it was all open-ended. It would have been better had the books been merged. Since I don’t want to read book 2, but now I have the feeling I need to read it, because I want to know what happens….. URGH.

I was looking forward to this book. The blurb sounded fun and the cover is amazing. 🙁 Too bad it wasn’t meant to be.


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