Review for Watashi ga Motete Dousunda Vol.1

Review for Watashi ga Motete Dousunda Vol.1

23250222OMG this manga is brilliant! I loved it and I will be sure to buy this series when they come out in English. 🙂 This is a must read to all!

Our main girl is (at the beginning) an overweight, but very happy girl. She is also a fujoshi and loves to pair up boys from her school. And in her eyes, normal things as passing a towel turn to full blown shounen-ai fantasies. Then she loses weight and attracts the attention of the 4 hottest boys in school. However, she doesn’t want that attention, she just wants them to kiss each other, not her!
I really loved our main girl, and I loved how she saw pairings everywhere, and even saw 2d guys in 3d guys. I loved how even when she is experiencing doki doki moments with the guys, she still prefers them to kiss each other.
I recognized quite a few things in her that I also have, though I am not that extreme.

There are various other characters and I all loved them. I also loved how even though our main character was overweight at the beginning, no one really seemed to mind it. She has a great bond with her classmates and even has friends. You don’t often see that happen, in a lot of stories if you are fat you are out. You get bullied or teased.

I loved our four hot guys (and they were indeed very hot!). They were great and I also loved that they weren’t shallow. Instead they cared for our main character and even accepted her and her fujoshi ways.

The story is hilarious and I really enjoyed it. I would really recommend this manga to everyone.


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