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Month: February 2015

Happy Birthday To My Dear Blog

Happy Birthday To My Dear Blog

Hiya everyone!

I just found out that today is my blog’s first anniversary! I totally forgot (I thought it was in 3 days and I also blame having the flu for memory lapse), but luckily I was just in time!

I want to thank everyone that visits this site and those who read my reviews. Really thank you all, you are all amazing! I am sorry that I can’t do much more than just post this message. I know some people do really grand things with their anniversaries, and I would love to do it too, but due to reasons I can’t. Maybe next year I will do something grand. For now I will just thank you all. And I hope I will be able to write a lot of reviews, meme posts and other fun posts that people will like reading this coming new year.

I never thought having a blog would be this fun, this satisfying. I thought I would get a bit bored of it after a few months, but look at the site now. It is a fantastic feeling to be able to write reviews and post them for the world to see. Goodreads, Booklikes and Leafmarks are fun, but nothing tops having a site of your own. 🙂

Again, thanks to everyone. I hope everyone will continue to visit my blog. And here’s to another year!