First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros ~ Day 21

First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros ~ Day 21

Hello everyone,

It is lovely to see you all again on this (for me) gorgeous Tuesday. This week I got a book that I am actually reading in Dutch, but I will post the opening text in English, because that is what the book’s original language was. Add to that, that I want everyone to enjoy these posts, and thus I will keep these Meme posts and my quotes in English. 🙂 Also due to the fact there is a spoiler in the paragraph I will spoiler tag a part of the sentence. Be warned, if you haven’t read and/or finished the first book, then don’t click it!


No one wanted to stand near the grave. Although four of their own were already buried in the makeshift cemetery, the rest of the hundred were still disturbed by the idea of lowering a body into the ground. No one wanted to stand with their backs to the trees either. Since the attack, a creaking branch had become enough to make the anxious survivors jump. And so, the nearly one hundred people who’d gathered to say goodbye to Asher stood in a tightly packed semicircle, their eyes darting between the corpse on the ground and the shadows in the forest.

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