Review for AKB49 Renai Kinshi Jourei Vol.10, 11 and 12

Review for AKB49 Renai Kinshi Jourei Vol.10, 11 and 12

20457415Review for 10,11 and volume 12.

Wow, wow and wow. At times it was a bit overdramatic, at times it was annoying, but it was also one hell of a ride.

Starting with Volume 9, we have a rival saga. This one continues and reaches it climax and end in Volume 12. And not just any rival, no one of the worst characters in manga history. Maya or Maya-chan. She thinks the world is all turning around her and her precious little self. She does anything to get her rivals down. Anything, no matter how bad. And she isn’t the only one who is trying to sabotage stuff. Her management, her boss are all just as bad. They all think money = everything. I think it is sick that Maya-chan did things like this, but I had expected better from someone who is higher-up. I don’t think this is the way you want to promote your record company. Luckily the fans barely notice that the higher-ups have a lot to do with everything that happens.

I really despised Maya-chan. We get to see her past and it isn’t pretty, but even with that past revealed I couldn’t make myself like her. Just because you had a shitty situation in your youth doesn’t give you the right to be an absolute psycho about people who are better than you. Her whole revenge towards Ai-chan was just ridiculous. Seriously? You hate her because she was better from you? Because people flocked to her instead of you? She even gave you her crown, even tried to cheer you up. And what does miss Psycho do? Go into full rage mode and even plot revenge stuff. All for that? Sorry, but no.
I am glad that she had a nice moment of discovering that what she was doing is bad. Too bad it took so long for her to get it. I hope we won’t see her in the next volumes any more. I just can’t stand it.

We also have someone who discovers about Minori/Minoru, luckily she doesn’t spoil anything and keeps it a secret. I was worried at first, and I am still worried, but I hope everything will turn out ok.

I loved the battle on the stage. GJ did a wonderful, epic job and showed the world how good they are. How they can capture the hearts of people, even those that aren’t fans. They will turn everyone into fans. 🙂

The other parts in the 12th volume are promotion (yes, finally! After 12 volumes we finally get to see some promotions), but also graduation and the motivation to keep on going and beat the 8 greatest AKB people.

The art is once again a bit dicey, at times it looks off, at other times it looks awesome.

All in all though, I am really looking forward to the rest of this, I want to see how it continues. Though I also have to say I am getting a bit bored by it. Minori/Minoru is always awesome and it gets kind of boring. I wish he/she would just misstep for once.


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  1. Hello, I stumbled upon your reviews during one of my occasional browse through the web for AKB49. I’m EraMemory; translator of AKB49 Renai Kinshi Jourei for Substitute Scans, as well as translator of AKB48-related content for MyAidol.

    Thank you for taking the time to write your insight of the story, and for your love for the series. It, indeed, is an enjoyable read of up and downs, and though it has a small cult following AKB49 Renai Kinshi Jourei truely deserves a bigger audience to appreciate. Reviews like yours help to bring the series to light to people out there, so that they can to indulge in the adventures of our beloved Urakawa Minori.

    As a fan of Miyajima Reiji’s work as well as a passionate fan (almost, I like to think, to Okudaira-sensei’s level :3 ) of the real AKB48, I would like to offer you some of my own knowledge of the series and its arc.

    AKB49 has quite a unique art style that’s both loved and disliked alike, though personally I think it’s fantastic. It may, perhaps, not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I always look forward to the spectacular shots of Minori taking the stage.

    Understandably, the character Okabe Ai is not to your liking, particularly at her initial introduction- and that’s the effect the author had intended to achieve. By introducing the ‘stuck-up despicable genius’, he produced a ‘villain’ and ‘rival’ for Minori and Hiroko to overcome, eventually going on a redemption arc as Okabe joins their ranks, during the Gekokujou arc. The same, perhaps even more exaggeratedly played, is MAYA, who comes off even more bitchy than Okabe, but in doing so provides a formidable obstacle for Minori and Co. to overcome. Okabe Ai, in particular, goes through many transition from comrade to villain in future chapters multiple times, each time with surmounting difficulty as her own growth too multiplies; look forward to her. Even MAYA makes a small cameo in a late chapter, so you can look forward to her un-bitchi-fied appearance, too!

    Urakawa Minori/Urayama Minoru is a much-loved character, so understandably when the story derails from the main character to secondary characters like Hiroko and so on, there may be a dip in interest; however, such introductions are also neccessary to breath in a breathe of freshness to avoid overharping on Minori and making the plot stale, as well as providing exposure for the other characters.

    Along that line, Minori … is going to keep saving the day from now henceforth. True, in later chapters Hiroko/Alice takes a larger role in playing the hero (especially Hiroko) , but ultimately, this is a manga for Urakawa Minori to shine and be awesome, and that’s what we come to see, after all.

    In future chapters, the story goes down the Concurrency arcs (SKE, NMB, HKT) which are the source of much debate. Several people dislike this arc, some of them think that it’s awesome, particularly those that have been waiting for the introduction of the sister groups, but personally, I find them great as usual. Do look forward to it, I promise they won’t disappoint!

    1. Hello,

      Wow, I am kind of blinking, never thought I would have the translator for such a great series comment on my reviews. 🙂 I just want to say that you (and your team) are doing a fantastic job on the manga, I hope you all will be continuing with this, as the manga seems to not end yet.

      You’re welcome! Yep, the story has its ups and downs, but in overall it is a story to love, with a lot of great characters, lots of drama and also comedy. It is a series that grabbed me and hasn’t let me go just yet. Though I should really continue reading it, I was waiting for some more chapters to come out, since I was flying through it at a fast pace. And it is a series I would love to promote, to show to people that they should check it out. I hope my reviews will help people discover new series to enjoy, that is one of the reasons I write my reviews. 🙂

      Ohh, thanks for all the information, I really enjoyed reading it, and I was nodding along to several of the points you mentioned.

      Indeed it is just amazing to see Minori hop on the stage, take everything over and fight for his place in the AKB. I am still amazed that he has such energy, and I am also still amazed that so far several people have noticed he is a he (which isn’t so strange, considering the way he acts at times), but haven’t done anything about it. From a few it seems logical, they seem to like that extra secret, it gives something extra to all the stuff happening in AKB, from others, I had expected they would just pop out the secret to everyone. That reminds me, there were hints that one of the upper guys knows about Minori and his secret, is this true, and will it be discussed later? I am quite curious about that part.
      I am glad to hear that he will keep saving the day, though I hope it will be a bit more mixed up, with sometimes stuff not going all right in one go. I don’t mind characters saving the day, I even love it, but I feel that if they only succeed in everything they do, they become one-dimensional, instead of the hero, they became annoying.

      I am glad to hear that my dislike for Okabe is something that was meant to happen, I had my suspicions (with the way she was written, and how convenient it all was), but I never knew for sure. Thanks for all the other information on this topic, and also about MAYA. Yeah, I noticed that Okabe seemed to go from comrade to villain and back again in the previous chapters too, which was quite confusing at times, as I was kind of like: “Wait, why are you doing that?”
      But it also made me happy when she acted less bitchy, because that is the Okabe that I really like, and I hope to see more off.
      I am quite curious about the un-bitchi-fied MAYA appeareance. More motivation to start reading again!

      Oh, concurrency arcs, that should be interesting, though I can imagine that people might not like them that much, I guess I will just have to read to find out my feelings on the topic. I do hope I am with the group that likes them. Though considering as I am in the group that wants to know about the sister groups and their workings, and seeing the characters in those groups, I might just be in that like group.

      Really thanks again for reading my review(s) and thanks for commenting. These kind of comments just motivate me more to write, throw my reviews out to the world, and not keep them to myself. I wish you all the luck with the translating, keep up the fantastic work!

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