Review for AKB49 – Renai Kinshi Jourei Volume 2/3/4

Review for AKB49 – Renai Kinshi Jourei Volume 2/3/4

20457278Review for Volume 2/3/4.

As this series progresses it gets better, but also more and more unbelievable. We are now at volume 4, and yet there are various parts that hint that some might know that Minori is a male. However, it mostly stays to hints/possible knowledge. Which is a shame, I am hoping for the part that they find out and/or do something about it. Though I wouldn’t see them fire him/make him leave, after all he is a wonderful person and he does his best to make the fans happy, but also tries to keep his team together as one. He even tries his best to remember all the dances and songs, even if they are from other teams.
I really like Minori/Minoru, he is truly one of my favourite characters and I am just going to keep cheering for him. Hoping that people will accept him when they find out about this Minori thing. 🙂

Of course not all characters are great. We got someone named Okabe. I really really dislike her. She is self-centred and thanks to her actions things happen that end up badly. Like with the stage and it breaking. Or her bitching to the stage hands/people who are lower than her. Instead of treating them with respect (after all thanks to them you sound good and you look good), she treats them with disdain and hatred. I really hope her attitude will change, while I don’t mind it that much now, if this continues I might drop the series or at least skip over the parts with her.

Hiroko, I am still not quite sure what to think of her. At times she is an amazing person and she fits with the group, but at other times I wonder how she even got to be in the group. She is clumsy, stumbles and I don’t think she really fits with the group.

We also got quite a bit of drama going on. Our group must get a full house even though the prices are extremely high. They need to up their game and make sure they get all the people in there. It was wonderful to see them try their best, to sing and dance with all their might. I can only hope that everything will end well, we will see in Volume 5.

The art is still decent, though at times it looks a bit off. I would like to see the girls (and our boy) in colour. The only place you currently see them in colour is the cover, which is nice, but I wouldn’t mind some colour pages at the beginning.

All in all, I will keep on reading this series. It is an interesting one and I can’t wait to see if the group will continue to exist, and of course, most importantly how will people react when they find out about Minoru/Minori?


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