Review for Boarding School Girls

Review for Boarding School Girls

21853685I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Wow, what a disappointment this book was/is. I got to around page 80/100, and then had to give up. This book was starting to give me an headache. This was due to various things. For one, I hated all the characters. Siena was a bitch and I disliked her attitude towards people, especially her boyfriend. Romy, was just weird and I am still not sure if I should like or dislike her. On the one hand, she seems more human than the Starlet girls, on the other however she is just like them.

As most know, I love boarding school stories. I love the uniforms, the fact that you live there, eat there and everything else. This book did at least do that right. I really loved the whole boarding school vibe this book had, and that was also a big reason why I kept reading on and on.

Sadly, Siena was just a bitch. Maybe she will change near the end. We have gotten a flashback and it seems like she changed a lot. From a mousy girl pushed by her mom to do things, to the Siena we have now. I didn’t like how she acted like she was the freaking queen of the school. Her whole clique the Starlets was just a silly thing and I disliked the group instantly. I just felt that they weren’t up to any good.
I also didn’t like how Siena (I will add that she is 17) is already preparing for her wedding. Yes, wedding. She thinks that she and her boyfriend will be together for a long long time. Sure, this is cute, but I see how this relationship is going. She refuses to be with her boyfriend when he really needs her. Avoids him when he asks her to come to his parents. And you really think he will still want you? Sorry, I don’t think he will stay for the sex. I think you need to change your attitude.

Romy, meh. That is all I can say. I am still kind of curious as to why she did what she did to Libby, but after a whole lot of hinting towards the situation with nothing really concrete coming out of it, I gave up.
I also didn’t like the tarot stuff. It felt a bit silly to add “supernatural” to a book like this. There is already enough material, we don’t need “supernatural” to be maybe the cause.

No other Starlets had any redeeming qualities. I didn’t like any of them. Especially Libby. Libby was even worse than Siena. If that is really possible.

I am pretty disappointed, I seem to have no luck finding good books these days. 🙁


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