Review for Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy

Review for Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy

568645I am not sure if I will want to continue with this series.

I will probably read one more book (since I needed a spy book for a challenge), but after that I will probably drop the series. Unless, of course, it changes for the better.

It was the typical formula in this book. Take one girl who thinks she is a spy, add a boy, add stupidity and such and voilà, practically the same book as the previous book. I frankly got bored and kept replacing Zach’s name with that guy from the previous book. They are both dicks, so that also doesn’t help.

Our main character is a spy, or well a spy in training. And while we get the continuous thing that Cammie is awesome and wonderful, I just didn’t see it. She does stupid things, lets boys come between her studies and her work as a spy. She is just like any teenage girl, OMG a boy! *forgets everything around her and acts like an idiot*. It gets a bit annoying and it also made me frustrated. For a so-said awesome spy I had expected more.

The same goes for most of the school. They are all spies, but as soon as they see a boy they forget everything there is.

Zach is an enormous dick and I hated him throughout the whole book. I don’t like guys who act all superior and treat girls like they do in this book.
He kept bothering and stalking Cammie, and he didn’t take a no from her at all. It just got annoying.

The ending is the only thing that saved the book from a dramatical 1 star. The rest of the book is pretty much the same blabla and it is a whole lot of boring.


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