Review for Dangerous

Review for Dangerous

18701071I saw this book in the library and decided to try it out. I am always looking for new picture books to read and finding English picture books in my library is quite a challenge.

This book is about a mole and a crocodile. The mole has a small case of the labelling curse, in other words, everything he encounters he labels. But then he labels a crocodile. 🙂

I can honestly say I didn’t like the mole too much. Putting everything in labels regardless of if it is true or not, I don’t like it when people put labels on others, so that might be why I didn’t like it happening in here. Mole should learn to see things differently then just the surface.
But luckily he learns his lesson when crocodile doesn’t leave him alone (instead the crocodile stalks and noms on the labels).

The crocodile was my favourite character, he was wonderful and I felt sorry for him that he at first was labelled all the bad things. No one deserves that without them at least getting a chance to show their other sides.

The illustrations in this book are pretty lovely and I really liked the colours that the illustrator used.

All in all, this is one book on labelling (and the consequences) and on friendship that I would recommend to all.


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