Review for Don’t Judge a Girl by her Cover

Review for Don’t Judge a Girl by her Cover

5267365As most know I didn’t really liked the first two books, they were predictable and boring and mostly the same formula. Luckily this book picks up and is awesome. I am going to continue reading this series, hopefully the rest (4/5/6) will be awesome as well.

This book changes the formula. Instead of her drooling over a new guy in a new book, this time we keep to Zach. Of course we have a new guy in the book (as predicted), but he is no love interest to Cammie (cheers erupt and confetti is thrown).
Cammie was actually pretty darn awesome in this one, clearly showcasing her spy abilities, showing that she was a wonderful friend and various other magnificent things. Of course, her and boys are still a bit of a no-no as she tends to forget everything she learned during a meeting with one. This one also shows that she does that. Under bleachers with Zach, forgets everything around her and gets caught. The same for many other situations.

This book was all action and excitement with starting at the earliest parts with a kidnap attempt and an epic battle. And luckily the book kept up that action part and I never once was bored.

We also learn more about Macey, about her parents, how she feels about her parents and the masks and characters she puts up when needed. For instance, she is way different around Cammie and her friends than she is around her parents. I loved that she got a big role in this book. She is still no main character, but she is a huge part of the story. She even has a cute romance part going on.

We also have a new family member, Aunt Abby. I was delighted to see some more of Cammie’s family, I keep wondering about them. Are they also spies? Or is it just the parents?

The ending was a real nice twist, though I kind of expected it. There were enough hints thrown around, but I was still a bit surprised to find out it was really true.

All in all, this is one book I would recommend. Though sadly, you need to read the first 2 boring books because otherwise you won’t get what this one is about. 🙂


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