Review for Give a Boy a Gun

Review for Give a Boy a Gun

350507This book seemed really interesting, the topic matter and what I heard from people.

So I decided to read it and sure, it was good, but at times it just got boring and at times too confusing. There were too many people, and having all these people talking about the experience, spoiled the whole last part for me. You knew who would survive, you knew who would be there and what would happen.

When the shooting actually happened, it was terrifying, but on the other hand, I already knew what was going to happen and who was going to survive, which lessened the horror of the situation for me. Maybe it would have better if we had the whole big event first instead of last.

The book consists of interviews, quotes, newspapers, statistics and notes. This is the way the story is told, not through normal ways, but by ways of various people telling parts of the story.

I can say that I didn’t like all the characters. Some are really urgh and horrendous.

It was quite a trip, and while I don’t think what Brendan and Gary did was good and correct, I can imagine why they did it. This might sound harsh, it might sound like I am crazy, but believe me I can understand it. When people act and do things like this, teachers don’t seem to care and you have a counsellor who is also treating 300 to 500 other kids, I can imagine one might snap.

I also have one quote that I want to put here, as it hits quite close home and I agree with it totally: “You know “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me?” It’s a load of crap. A stick stops hurting after a few minutes. Names last a long time. – Ryan Clancy


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