Review for First Love Sisters Vol.3

Review for First Love Sisters Vol.3

19457980It has been more than a year since I last read a book from this series. I totally forgot about this one, and then I was looking at my manga list on another site and found out that I still had one volume to read.

Wow, it was so confusing. It took me at least 1.5 chapters to get into the story and the characters again. We have 4 couples. Haruna x Chika / Akiho x Touko / Chiori x Rie and lastly Miyuu x Kirika. It took me a while to get used to them all and also figure out their crushes. Haruna x Chika was the easiest one, I remembered them (and they are also on the covers).

I am not sure what I thought about the relationship between Akiho and Touko. Touko is still a teacher/assistent. Add to that Akiho is also underage thus making it all the more illegal. Still their romance was a very sweet one and I was so happy for them. They deserve the ending they got, and I hope they won’t get any repercussions for their relationship.

I am also very delighted to see our ice queen Chiori find someone and defrost a bit. I won’t say much more, but it makes me happy. She wasn’t always a favourite character (due to her ice cold nature), but she deserves this. They are polar opposites though, so it is the question how long will they last. Hopefully long enough to create many new memories.

Then we also have a part about Miyuu and Kirika. I can’t really say much about them. They were the least noticeable couple and while their ending was cute and I was happy for them, I also was happy that their part was over.

My favourite couple will always be Haruna and Chika. They really have chemistry and I love them together. They are so adorable. I love the ending they got, and I love that the mangaka showed us the rings they gave each other in the earlier books so prominently. *cheers*

All in all, this was a perfect ending for a series that had its ups and downs. I am happy I finished this. I am happy with all the kisses and hugs and romance. This book had plenty of that!


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