Review for Hellhole

Review for Hellhole

17997245I absolutely loved Croak and I was immensely sad when I read the last book. And then I heard the wonderful news that Gina Damico is writing a new book!

Best first sentence in a book: Max’s life of crime started poorly, with the theft of a glittery pink bobblehead in the shape of a cat.

And wow what a trip this book was. Our main character was awesome, I really loved him and his silliness. Because silly he was, oh and awkward and geeky/nerdy and a whole lot more. It is no wonder that most people tend to avoid him, whenever he tries to talk to people it always ends up about some weird topic, like veal. Which scares the girls away faster than you can say boo.
But underneath all that awkwardness is a heart of gold. Instead of going outside and socialize (not that he knows what that is), he tends to his sick mother and tries to help her by doing a job, taking care of special pizza/dvd nights and more. I loved him during these times, you can clearly see he means everything in a good way but is just awkward with saying them right.
Then he digs up a hole and out comes a devil. Yep, you got that right. A devil. Because they also need vacation and our main character just committed a crime (yes, even a petty crime like this is a crime).
And now he is off to find a way to get rid of the devil, that part I really loved, how he desperately tried not to involve people, but ended up involving a whole bunch of people.

The devil was really awesome and also hilarious. He could be darn scary, but for most of the book I was laughing my butt off. He was watching reality shows, modelling shows and all kinds of other crap stuff. Then he would do impressions or make commentary on things.
Of course, he is a devil so he isn’t always kind and he has some sleazy/bad tricks on him that he uses whenever he can. At times I really disliked the devil, but on other times I think it is also kind of good he came to earth. Thanks to him our main character gained guts and some other stuff that he could really use.

We got various other characters, but for the sake of spoilers I won’t say much other than that I really liked the cast we had for this book. All of them had their good and bad traits, but they all really cared for the main character and how he was doing.

The whole story is one big rollercoaster ride of awesomeness, romance, hilarious situations and much, much more. I really enjoyed reading it and I was sad when I was nearing the end! Luckily the ending is equally great and I am so happy to see it end on this note. I won’t spoil anything, so you better read this book!

All in all, this is a book I would really recommend highly. Everyone should read this book and be prepared to laugh your butt off.


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