Review for Hyperbole and a Half

Review for Hyperbole and a Half

17571564This is the second time I tried this book. I gave it another try, because a friend of mine recommended the book. 🙂

Did I like the book? Not really. For some magical reason this book is the winner of the 2013 Best Humour book award. And while this book had some/a few funny moments, I had expected more humour.

The only things that I really had a laugh about were most of the stories about the dogs and a few parts of her childhood stories. Other than that, I was mostly bored and I kept looking at how many pages I still had left.

I, at times, felt things were highly exaggerated, sometimes bordering on unbelievable. At times I didn’t get why something as depression was added to a book that is apparently tagged as Humour. It felt strange and off. Depressions are not FUNNY. Never. Especially not when they go to border on suicidal tendencies.
Or why the whole identity thing was supposedly funny, it wasn’t. It was just silly and weird.

And since this book has illustrations, I am also looking at reviewing them. And I can say they are a big reason for the current rating of 2 stars. I know a lot of people seem to love, adore, worship the illustrations, but I have to be brutally honest. They suck. At times I had no clue what was happening in a picture, the humans(????) looked like they were thrown through a meat grinder. One little positive thing, even in all their ugliness, I think the illustrations were a nice touch, they gave just that extra boost to the, at times, utterly boring story.

All in all, I am glad I finally read this book. Since I have seen stuff about it pop over the whole internet, friends recommending it and in the end my curiosity winning over the fact that I already tried the book once. And now I can say that I honestly don’t like it, that I don’t want to know more about it. My curiosity is now satisfied, I can now just browse the internet without being curious about this book. 🙂


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