Review for Infamous

Review for Infamous

19180418The last book and also the final book I wanted/needed to read by this author.

What a great ride this one was. It wasn’t always good, at times I was frustrated, at times I was a bit bored, but mostly I was entertained, there was a big cast of great characters (and at times also impossible characters, I am looking at you Madison or Jane *stares*). There was lots of drama, backstabbing and also a lot of “reality” stuff.
I am kind of sad that this series and the other one is over. I kind of have to confess I am in some kind of book hangover case. I just wish there was a series like this one so I could continue my hunger for these kinds of books.

Now let’s start with this last book. As I said in the previous one, Madison is surprising me with a wonderful behaviour, she is showing that she is human after all. Something that wasn’t always apparent in the books, but that she has shown in this series. It kind of started with book 1, then she was so-so in book 2 and in book 3 she totally changed. She is still venomous and at times a bitch, but you can see that she is actually caring about people. She is actually helping people and making wise decisions that she should have done a long time ago.
I can also say that while Madison was my most hated character from the series, this changed with this one and the previous books. Suddenly, she became one of my favourites. A scary change, but also a happy one.
I do hope that Madison will have a good life, maybe we will meet her again in (hopefully) another book.

Then we have a whole cast of other girls. Gaby, who is still recovering from drugs overdose, who is still being pushed around to do things, but who is also trying to do something for herself. In this book that was going to practise for some dance show. Working hard, dancing and practising for hours a day just to get through the audition. It is admirable, as the Gaby we saw in the books was often ditzy and acted like an idiot. A front of course, but a very convincing one. I am so glad that we see that Gaby is smart, is making goals, is making something of her life.

Carmen, who is rekindling her relationship with her parents again. Who still has the mysterious stalker boy/girl after her who feeds everything she does to a blogger/press. I was quite stunned when we found out who it actually was. I was pretty much convinced it was another person.
Carmen is also finally picking up other roles. They might be a bit smaller, but I think it is a good thing that she is finally stopping with being so critical about things, I think she should be happy with any role. Especially as this creates a portfolio for her, something that other directors might look into and see what she has done. She is making a name for her, not one based on her parents name, but a name of her own.
I really love Carmen, though I think she makes the wrong decisions at times. I didn’t like how she did that to Drew. Sure, she was drunk, but she also knew darn well that Drew was taken. By a friend.

Kate, ah Kate. Boring Kate who seem to still struggle with anxiety and stage fright. I didn’t like this whole thing in the previous books. It mostly annoyed me. And it does the same thing in this book. I also don’t really feel a connection or a liking with Kate. She is pretty boring and again, her going for pills instead of trying even harder made me dislike her. Especially with how she handled pills. She was just stuck to it. Instead of trying it out without pills, she kept using them. Luckily, in this book she isn’t using them that much, and we see her grow. While I really was happy to see that, I also couldn’t really care any more. For me, Kate was just Kate. Not interesting, had the most boring plotline and several other things.

Sophie/Sophia was the character that became the bad character for me. I didn’t like her in the first series and I hated her in this series. Her action in the last part of this book made me just want to smack her on her head. She is a silly attention-seeking girl and I think it would be best that she never would show up on tv again. She ruins lives and will not keep her mouth closed. Not even for family.

The “reality” show and all the drama really made me love these books and I am happy that I have them in my bookcases. Now I can just pick them up if I feel like re-reading them.

The ending of the book? It was a good ending, it still left something open for possible sequels or a new series and I really like it. Now I can hear people go, urgh open ending. It isn’t like that. All the girls have their things done, their careers are open again. They all have goals and new careers, and I think there could easily be another series about these girls, or even about a new group (of course with cameos from the other characters). This time not one made by Trevor, but by someone else (who that is… well read the book).

I would really recommend this series. It has ups and downs, but mostly it is a fun way to spend your time.


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