Review for Julia’s House for Lost Creatures

Review for Julia’s House for Lost Creatures

20388087A gorgeous little book about a little girl who is lonely and finds a very fun way to make her life more fun and full of people. 🙂

I have been eyeing this book for some time now, I know the author/illustrator has some great works, and this one looked absolutely lovely.
And then I got it for my birthday and I was delighted.

This book is really a treat, the illustrations are gorgeous. Colourful and there are quite a few details that keeps your eyes glued to the pages even after reading the words on the pages.

The main character is interesting, I loved her idea (though I wonder how magical she is that she can paint/write a sign and hang it at her door in mere hours) of setting up a House for Lost Creatures. Now she isn’t lonely any more, though she also has no moments of quiet, even at night the creatures party on. Luckily, our main character is smart and makes several rules and plans to keep everyone (especially herself) happy and satisfied. Again, I am amazed at how fast she makes plans and signs. 🙂

Oh and I really loved that her house was located on top of a turtle. I didn’t notice it at first (my first 2 pages were a bit stuck together). What a wonderful idea, I love it when worlds/houses are located on turtles or some other animal. It is really creative.

The ending left quite a bit to the imagination. I had kind of hoped we would see this newcomer in action, maybe a problem that arises due to this, but sadly it ended there. Maybe a second book? It would be lovely to have another book about Julia and her creatures.

All in all, this is one book I would recommend. Young and old will love Julia and will love her creativity.


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