Review for Love on the Lifts

Review for Love on the Lifts

22403090I absolutely adored the first book and I was so delighted to see a second book coming out. This time instead of a warm and hot summer romance, we got romance on the slopes/lifts, which means snow + warm and wonderful love.

I can’t remember exactly what I thought of the other book’s endings, but I am delighted with this book’s endings. We got both friendship and romance endings. So if you don’t want to go for a hot date, you can just make friends with a lovely guy. Which is a wonderful option. Of course I read the book for the hot guys and the equally lovely hot kisses, but at times I just want to relax and go for friendship.

It was still a bit awkward to read in the you do this and you do that, in other words second-person narrative. A narrative not often found in books, and while it fits with this book (after all you are the protagonist), it still feels weird and out of place. I know I had that problem with the first book, and while it is a bit better now that I know it will happen it was still a bit strange and at times it took me a bit to get through the book.

I loved all the guys we could pick from. There were some guys I didn’t entirely like or whom I found a bit weird and too hungry for a pretty girl. Other guys were just perfect and I could just envision myself on the slopes (though I only know how slopes look from pictures or movies, so my image might be a bit off). I never skied so I couldn’t imagine myself doing that, though it did sound like something I want to do someday (now only the money to travel to countries with mountains + snow (real snow)).

All in all, I would highly recommend this book to everyone. It is a fun way to spend your afternoon. Just add a cup of hot chocolate + whipped cream and a cookie and enjoy!
I will just be hoping that there will be more of these books coming out. I would be really sad if this one and the other one would be the only ones.


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