Review for Nijipuri Vol.2

Review for Nijipuri Vol.2

9784575836929Not really the best one. It is clearly suffering from the Second Book In a Series Syndrome, which is truly a shame.

A big part of the book is about Reika, her past and making Senbei. It was utterly boring and I didn’t like how people who aren’t Japanese are stereotyped. It is something you often see in anime or manga. Foreigners often acting weird/overly active/having no manners, often having blonde hair or having a dark skintone. It is all very silly and slightly offensive.
It was interesting to see Reika’s dad and that he turned out to be very different from everyone’s expectations. Instead of overly protective and strict, he is acting like a little kid and can’t let his little girl go.

This volume also went up in maturity level. From a pretty innocent and safe book, it went to nakedness and lewdness. It was a bit silly that they did this. And why did they have to go full naked? Couldn’t they just leave on their tiny little bikinis and hug like that to get warm? It was just awkward and I felt sorry for the girls who found them.

Then we have another new character and one I hope we won’t see again. Dear lord, stalker much? This is not the way you get a woman to like you. You don’t hide in their vacation home for 3 days in a closet or climb a tree to see the girl. It amazes me that they didn’t really do much with him.

Only one volume to go! While I am bit hesitant to continue this series, I really want to finish it, I want to see if Reika and Mihane will get together or not. After that I will forget all about this series and try to ignore it.


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