Review for Otome Youkai Zakuro Vol.3

Review for Otome Youkai Zakuro Vol.3

12591073Yay! A new volume is out and I could finally continue reading this spectacular and gorgeous series.

In this volume there are several things happening. We got some things on the past, but also a kidnapping and a revenge plan. Of course we also get some wonderful scenes between our true couples (Zakuro x Agemaki + Susukihotaru x Riken + Bonbori and Hozuki x Ganryu). Some scenes almost made me cry. They are so perfect together.

And yes, that is what this manga also does to me. Crying/almost crying. There are so many beautiful scenes. Scenes were one of the characters finds something out, or realises something and then we have a gorgeous scene.

Zakuro is also growing with each volume. You can see her opening up more and more to the soldiers. Especially opening up to Agemaki. I really love them together, and while Zakuro is a bit deredere about things, you can see she really cares about Agemaki and that she really wants to be with him.

The manga didn’t really bring much new things to me. I have seen the anime and I can remember some of these things happening in the anime. From what I could see this volume was mostly covered in Ep 8 and 9 of the anime. On the one hand I am delighted to see that the anime followed the manga so closely. On the other hand though, I am sad that we don’t have any new things.

The art is (once again) gorgeous and beautiful. As expected from Lily Hoshino, she makes some absolutely beautiful art (not only for this manga, but also illustrations and other things).

I can’t wait for volume 4 to come out! I will be keeping a closer eye on this manga so I don’t get surprised with a whole new volume next time.


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