Review for Playground

Review for Playground

9754801Wow, this book was fantastic. I didn’t always like Butterball, but after reading this book I can imagine why he did and acted like he did.

Butterball, or let’s call him with his real name: Burton. A boy with divorced parents, stuck in a bad school and surroundings. When we first get to know him we have no clue why he suddenly decided to follow the road of a bad guy, but we slowly find it out piece by piece.
I never had the feeling that Burton was a bad guy, he just tried to act tough. His life wasn’t the easiest. A dad that is not there (and also encourages bad behaviour), a mom that works/studies all the time (and is also a lesbian), add to that expectations from his peers/friends. I can imagine that one would try to act tough and try to be the man.
His language was horrendous, the numerous times he cursed, wow.
I felt sorry for him, for his weight, for his family, for everything that happened in his life.

Liz was a fantastic character and I really enjoyed her talks with Burton. She is a wonderful person and I can see why she became a counsellor.

On the cover is a sentence that says: The mostly true story of a former bully.
So when I went in this book, I expected a guy who bullies people… and I didn’t really get any of that. Again, Burton does some things, but I wouldn’t call him a bully.

I loved the ending part of the book. I am so happy for Burton, that he can finally do all this and that he can finally put his tough guy part in the past.

All in all, this is one book I would highly recommend. Don’t be turned off that it is apparently written by 50 Cent. Believe me, this book is awesome and you will like Burton.


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