Review for Popular: Vintage Wisdom for a Modern Geek

Review for Popular: Vintage Wisdom for a Modern Geek

21092956Just a very short review to express my thoughts.

This book was really interesting, I like the idea of someone following a teen guide from the 50s (By the way, I also bought that book to accompany this one.), however at times it was a bit too much. She did everything to the letter and at times that annoyed me. I can imagine you would follow the advice and the tips, maybe follow some other stuff, but even do the clothing? While you are clearly not comfortable in them? Sorry, I wouldn’t call that dedication, I would call that obsession. And it looked just a bit too silly. A 13 (or whatever age she was) year old dressing up like a grandma.

I liked the photographs in the book and also the information about her family and where she lived. She talked about the bad things happening in her street or her neighbourhood. Things like drugs or fights and other things. I really loved that this was added as this give me more insight and it made the story more realistic. I think it if it was only about her following a guide to the letter, that I would have been bored pretty soon. Now I could see why she did the plan, and I could also cheer for her at times.

It was interesting when she went to ask about popularity, how even the popular kids didn’t really think they were popular.

All in all, this is a book I would really recommend to everyone. Be sure to also get the guide that Maya is basing it on. I only read a bit of that one (since I got so much other stuff to read), but what I saw it is really great and it gives some more depth to this book.


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