Review for Sam and Dave Dig a Hole

Review for Sam and Dave Dig a Hole

20708761I received this gorgeous and wonderful book as a present for my birthday. I have been hoping to get or buy this book since I saw it coming out.

I wanted it for various reasons. The first one was Jon Klassen, who illustrated the book. The second was because the book sounded like the kind of book I would absolutely enjoy.

And enjoy I did. I loved the journey of the kids, and I loved how the dog knew there were things there that they missed (big, beautiful things). I loved how the boys made a big discovery almost several times, but every time they almost came upon it they decided to switch to another direction or split up. Which brings up some hilarious images of diamonds stuck in the sand above or under the boys. 🙂

There is not much story, except for the whole finding something spectacular while digging endless tunnels. However, I didn’t mind this much. The ending was hilarious, they found their spectacular thing, though it might not be what you think and what they decide to do afterwards had me laughing for quite a bit of time.

The illustrations are, as expected from Jon Klassen, excellent and really pretty. I really enjoyed looking at the illustrations, finding new things that the boys didn’t see.

This is one book I would highly recommend. Not only children will laugh aloud at the situations, but adults will as well. Add to that gorgeous illustrations and this book should be on everyone’s bookshelves.


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