Review for Sugar and Spice

Review for Sugar and Spice

7707538The last book in the L.A. Candy series, and what a way to end things (it was good though!). But I wasn’t always happy with how things went in this book.

For instance, the whole Jane stuff. Once again she is stuck between boys. You would think scandals and the like would teach someone not to double-date, but it seems that Jane isn’t one to learn.
In this book we have Caleb and Braden. Yes, you read that right, Braden. I was hoping with all the stuff going down in the previous books, that Braden would take a smaller or maybe even a not-being-there-role. However, he is still big in Jane’s life.
At one point she found out about Caleb and Gaby and what did Jane do? Call Braden and have dinner (and probably more) with him. Seriously, did she not learn from the first book that when you find out your boyfriend is a dick/cheater that you shouldn’t EVER go to the other guy? I also felt sorry a bit for Braden. He is only being used by Jane as the go-to place when other boys disappoint her sorry little ass. I really despise this behaviour and it seems that Jane will never learn. I am sorry for all the boys that she will have in her life. I wish she was more honest with her boys. Tell them about her feelings, tell them if she wasn’t feeling happy.
I loved the part when she made that interesting discovery, it was fun seeing her make use of it and also help out Scarlett with things.
I felt sorry for her when things happened (again) with her and Madison. I am glad though that she decided to stay when it happened, and even when things went wrong at times she just went on and tried her best for her work.

That is one thing I loved in this book, the relationship between Scarlett and Jane. I loved that they were friends again, that they were happy again and that they lived together again. I missed that in the previous book. They truly are wonderful friends and it makes me happy to have these 2 try to be together again.

Scarlett also had a lot of drama, and I was sad to see how her relationship with Liam was. Though it was kind of expected that this would happen. I will also stick to my point that I still don’t really see how these 2 are together. Liam doesn’t seem to want to understand Scarlett and her job. He is angry when she has to leave, angry when she says no to him during a party that her friends and family created for her. I just wanted to smack Liam. Especially during that scene. Your girlfriend is having her birthday, her family, her friends are there and you DEMAND she will be with you? Not even listening to her trying to make agreements with you.
Not that Scarlett was any better. I disliked her attitude at times during this book. I disliked how she acted during the party. Her best friends made sure she had a grand party with her friends and even family there, and yet she was grumpy and didn’t even seem happy to be there. Nice attitude girl. And then you wonder why Trevor is editing so much of your lines.
I liked her decision in the end though. I am glad that she did this and not go on and on with the reality show.

Madison, well I won’t say much about her. I think most people know my dislike for this character. She was once again horrendous in this book and she really deserved all that she got in this book.

Caleb and Braden were this book’s boytoys (sorry, I just feel like this is more appropriate than to say they are potential boyfriends). I didn’t particularly like Caleb, I found him boring and I felt like the relationship between Jane and him died back when he broke it up with her some time ago. And we later indeed find out several things that made me dislike Caleb. So he was only really into it for that.
Braden, well is still Braden. I disliked him in all the other books and this one was no exception. I really dislike guys like him.

The story itself was good and I really enjoyed reading this book. There was once again a lot of drama, a lot of “reality” show and I really liked the parts about Jane and her event planning job.

The book ended in quite a good way. I was kind of worried about it, but I think the author did a great job on making sure all the loose ends are now connected and that everyone moves on with their lives. Be it in L.A or be it somewhere else.

I would really recommend this series to people. It was a really fun and light read and if you like drama and “reality” shows, you will like this one.


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