Review for The Worst Princess

Review for The Worst Princess

13559812I saw this one in the library and I just had to have it when I read the description. Kick-ass princess? Dragon? Yes, and more yes!

This was a really fun and great book. Our main character is a princess, but she isn’t like all the others. She still wants to be saved, however her expectations of what happens after the saving part are a bit different from normal princesses. Normal princesses might just be like: Ohh, finally away from this terrible place, I could use a cup of tea and some beautiful dresses. While our princess is more like: I want to get out of this terrible place, tea would be lovely, but ewww dresses, where is the adventure? Where are the dragons? Where is the excitement?

Sadly, her prince is a wuss and he locks her up in her tower. That tower was awesome though, she could just simply open up the top of it and look over the world.
I loved how she lured the dragon with tea and sophisticated talk.

I had a great laugh when the prince got what he deserved, not only from the dragon he bothered, but also from various other characters.

The ending of the book was brilliant and I was cheering for both the princess and the dragon.

The illustrations were pretty good, I really liked the colours that were used.

All in all, a book I would really recommend. Are you tired of the normal princesses? Do you like dragons? Then this book is perfect for you!


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