Review for There’s a Shark in the Bath

Review for There’s a Shark in the Bath

21277031I am slowly trying to get more books that were drawn by Sarah McIntyre, one of my new favourite illustrators since I read her collab books with Philip Reeve last year.

This book was delightful, it all about the fantasy (or is it reality) of a little girl. One day she finds a shark in her bath! Of course, parents being parents, they don’t believe her and ask her to make sure the shark is gone. And thus begins the fun and hilarious situations that the girl and the sharks go through.

I really liked the little girl, she was magnificent and oh so smart. I love my protagonists smart, though maybe not too smart (as they tend to get quite annoying and belittling others *looks at Hermione*). Luckily this little girl is smart but still a whole lot of fun. I loved how she kept tricking the sharks into doing all kinds of things. Oh and did I mention I loved how she tried to fish out a big shark with a tiny little fishing pole?

I had quite a laugh that a whole bunch of sharks + sea life could come in through a tiny little pipe to live in a bath. 🙂 The sharks were really fun, I loved how the baby Shark had braces over his teeth, and mom had mom-like stuff and dad had a moustache. 🙂 It gave the sharks some added personality.

The ending was interesting, though the real question remains, were the sharks real? Or were they not? I would say yes, they are real, even though it is quite impossible for a whole shark to plop out and in off a sewage pipe. I guess some things are just magical. I will hereby dub the sewage pipe as magical portal to the bathtub!

The illustrations were wonderful, really colourful and I had great fun spotting all the little details that were added to each page.

This is another picture book I would really recommend to everyone, big or small. Everyone will enjoy the silliness and they will all cheer for the little girl.


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