Review for This Christmas

Review for This Christmas

23201123Yes, yes, I should have read the first book first. I was planning on that, but I just wanted to have a book fitting for a winter afternoon, and this book seemed just perfect for that purpose.

I can honestly say that I am not looking forward to reading the first book. The relationship in this book felt awkward and fake, I didn’t once feel a spark between these characters and I had the feeling that they were friends. How they act towards each other, the huge differences between them, the conflicts (just in a few days they had various conflicts about stuff) and a few other things. I just didn’t believe in the romance. And when the romance happened I didn’t care for it any more.

Our main character was interesting, but I didn’t like her that much. I felt she was spoiled. Too spoiled. I mean seriously, 3/4 boxes of presents? Hold on, what? How rich is your family. Why didn’t you even think of your boyfriend? Why did you even think he would also have a bunch of presents. Why (if you are so rich) did you only give him some dvd. Come on girl, give him some more presents, maybe something better than some dvd. Yes, I know he wanted that dvd and he was happy, but it just felt disproportional.

I didn’t like the guy at all. I am not sure what he did in his life, or what happened in his life. But I found him a dick. He was grouchy a lot of time, angry at his girlfriend and a lot more other things. I just kept waiting for him to go away or break it up.

All in all, I am very disappointed with this book. It had some good parts, but mainly bad and bleh parts. Maybe I should have read the first book first, but really, if the relationship in this book is an indicator of how it will be in in the first book, then I am not willing to invest my time in it. I would rather read about relationships about people that MATCH and that have a spark.


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