Review for You Can’t Eat a Princess

Review for You Can’t Eat a Princess

8627850The second book for me in this series and I am hoping there will be more Princess Spaghetti books!

This time we leave the Cupcake Kingdom and head to outerspace. King Cupcake got kidnapped once again (seems he does that often, considering in the other book he got taken by pirates and tied to the mast).

Our princess is awesome, I love how kick-ass she is. Oh, none of my soldiers will rescue my dad, oh well, then I will just have to do it myself. *presses various buttons in rocket and gets launched into space*
She was wonderful with the aliens, I can imagine they are afraid of her, she will be a fine queen one day.

The aliens were fun, I liked how they looked. The twist near the end had me laughing, I guess they never learn. 🙂

The illustrations were gorgeous and colourful and I really had fun looking at all the details. The 2 pages at the beginning with all the cakes/cupcakes/puddings/etc.? They made me hungry, very hungry.

However, while I liked the twist at the end, I thought there would be more to this book, now there was a twist and then bang, it ends.

All in all, this is a series of books I would recommend to everyone.


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