Review for You Can’t Scare a Princess!

Review for You Can’t Scare a Princess!

15058545The first book for me in the series about Princess Spaghetti!

Ah, and what a delightful tale it was. We got roller skating (and roller skating cats!), pirates, treasures, a castle/island made out of delicious foods and a kick-ass little princess named Princess Spaghetti.

I really loved our little princess. Instead of doing what normal princesses would do in a situation with pirates (Hint: screaming/panicking/calling for help, all in all acting like a damsel in distress), she helps them out with finding a treasure, and when things go wrong she shows them the wonderful world of roller skating.
I loved how she looked/acted with hair like spaghetti, a princess dress (of course!) and a kick-ass attitude.

The pirates weren’t that scary, if anything I felt kind of sorry for them. They are quite a motley crew of pirates and can’t seem to do anything right. I wanted to give them all a hug!

The illustrations are gorgeous and vibrant. I really enjoyed looking at them. Even when I was done with the story on the pages, I just kept looking at the illustrations. I kept finding new things, little details to other adventures and other times. I loved how the castle looked from the inside. And during the digging? It was fun to see the tunnel with the pirates, but also with some curious bunnies and not so happy moles.

All in all, this book is a book I would highly recommend. Young, but also older people will love it. Will embrace Princess Spaghetti in their hearts and will cheer for this little girl with the kick-ass attitude. A girl who isn’t afraid of some silly pirates!


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