What I Hope To Read March 2015

What I Hope To Read March 2015

Hello everyone,

March is almost here, and with it Spring. I am starting to notice that while it is still cold, that the air feels different, the trees are getting new leaves and various other things. I can’t wait for Spring to come. To be able to read outside again and enjoying some sun.
This month’s pre-orders come to a total of 6 books, while the books I would love to try out for 2015 go to a staggering amount of over 30 books. 🙂 I will probably not be able to read them all, or maybe even like them all. But I can’t wait. There are some books in there that could potentially be some beautiful gems.

Oh and I have 2 pre-orders for something called World Book Day. They are short books, but they are by 2 of my favourite authors and I just had to have them!
Now without further ado, let’s start with the books!

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