Review for A Library Book For Bear

Review for A Library Book For Bear

library-bookNot a long review, just a short one to express my thoughts.

My first Bear and Mouse book, normally they don’t really seem like ones I would enjoy, but then I saw this one and knew I had to try it out! I love libraries and books, and so I was curious if Bear would change his feelings on books.

Bear is a great character, though I must also confess that I found him annoying for most of the book. I didn’t like that he shouted in the library, I didn’t like how obstinate he was. He didn’t even want to try things out, no matter how hard Mouse tried to find something. He was grumpy, bleh and meh. But he changes when he finds out something and he becomes a slightly better character.

Mouse was just so-so. I don’t really have an opinion on him. Just that he is a bit too persuasive and too pushy.

The book teaches kids to open their minds (since you can never have enough books), to keep your voice down in the library and also that a library might (just a little bit) have a new favourite book for you.

The illustrations were really lovely. The colours were pretty and I liked how the characters were drawn.

Will I read more Bear and Mouse books now? Not really. This one was pretty fun, but that had more to do with the setting and the fact it was about books.


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