Review for Assassination Classroom Vol.2

Review for Assassination Classroom Vol.2

22609118Finally I have the 2nd volume. The book should have come out like a month ago, but for some reason Europe gets it a month later. :\

I am also watching the anime, so I can say that I was a little bit bored through this volume. Most of the stuff happening, also happened in the anime. Sure, the anime was more detailed and longer, but still a lot of things happened in the anime. On the one hand, it makes me happy that anime is following the manga this closely. On the other hand…. it is also a shame.

Also, I didn’t really like the translation that Viz used for Bitch-sensei. In every medium so far (anime/manga (not by Viz)/fandom) she is called Bitch-sensei/Bitch-neesan. This because of her last name. However in the manga translated by Viz she is called Ms. Hellabitch. 🙁 It was really distracting, because I was used to seeing her called Bitch-sensei everywhere. I do not see why Viz decided to go with her whole last name instead of the last part. The part where Japanese people have problems with. Maybe they liked Hellabitch better? I think it just sounds weird.

But Koro-sensei, while still a target, and while still dangerous, is still an awesome teacher who does his best to get his students to be awesome. He really tries his best to help them with their weak subjects, and makes their tests so that everyone can do it.

Too bad we have a new evil dude, the principal, who will do anything to stop Class E from advancing in the ranks. Even changing stuff in the tests 2 days before the tests.
I really hated the principal. In the manga he is slightly more creepy than he is in the anime.
Poor Koro-sensei, he didn’t expect his boss to go this far to stop Class E.

There is one thing that I would love to see in the manga. The homes of Class E. We mostly see them on the school grounds (either at their class or at that fancy academy). I would love some backstory on the characters.

The last chapter is one we also saw animated already. In an OVA this time. It was fun to read about it again, but still it was a bit meh, because I already knew what would be happening.

All in all, I am sad to have to deduct 1 star. 0.5 for the bad translation and 0.5 because I was just a bit bored. Everything was also in the anime. And again, while that is good, it can make the manga a bit boring.
I can’t wait for the next volume, though I guess that by the time that comes here I will be bored again. Unless the anime strays away from the manga. 🙂


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