Review for Bear’s Big Bottom

Review for Bear’s Big Bottom

17979752This was an adorable book about big bottoms, accepting yourself and being accepted, friendship and more!

I saw this book in the library and just knew I had to try it out. It looked like an interesting and unique books. After all how many big bottom books do you know?

Bear was a great character, and I felt sorry for him a bit. He really did have an extraordinary big bottom. Totally out of proportion if you see his whole body. I do wonder why he got such a large behind, does all his fat move instantly to his bottoms? Or is there something else wrong with this poor bear.
He does try his best not to squash, kill, maim or murder anyone with his bottom, but with such a big butt, and the fact that his friends are tiny, it is bound to go wrong. And that it does in this book. Multiple times. Sitting on a couch (bye, bye couch), squashing cakes, and a whole lot more.
But Bear also does things right. I won’t spoil what happens near the ending, let me just say that I was applauding near the end. I hope that his friends will try to help out Bear more. They should know that he is trying his hardest to not maim, kill, murder them, but that his big butt is just dangerous.

The story is pretty decent, though I didn’t particularly like the rhyming. Maybe if they also rhymed the last part of the sentence sure. But now it was rhyme, rhyme, rhyme, big bottom….. And that is ok for one time, but after 3 times it just got a bit boring and it bothered me that that part didn’t rhyme.

The illustrations were pretty decent and I quite enjoyed looking at them. With each scene it was fun to find the little details. Like finding all of Bear’s friends, to see where they were and if they still lived. 🙂

I am sure that a lot of kids will love this book, and I also sure a big share of the adults will also snicker when they see this book. I would recommend it to everyone.


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