Review for Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou Vol.1

Review for Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou Vol.1

978-4785936310I watched the anime last year and I loved it. Ritsu is now one of my favourite book girls in the world. 🙂

The anime did a good job, it follows the manga pretty nicely and thus a lot of the things that happened, also happened in the anime. Not that I mind it much, however I miss a lot of Ritsu actions. I felt the manga was more about Usa and him surviving a bunch of silly situations than it was about Ritsu.

Usa was brilliant, he is a bit oblivious to things, not always the smartest, but his heart is in the right place. I loved how he handled everyone in the house, though he made some mistakes, I think he also made a few new friends for life.
I really liked to see him stumble through stuff, trying to flirt with Ritsu (and failing oh so hard), trying to talk to her (also failing), trying to make her happy (also slightly failing).
And he is also learning how to fend for himself. Sure, he is surrounded by people, but in a way he is living independent and taking care of his own stuff for most of the part.

Ritsu, I really loved her and how she favoured books over everything else. Always reading, at every place (which made for some hilarious situations, like the time she was stuck at a traffic light for several minutes until Usa finally stepped up). She is really great, and while I was hoping she would be a bit more social, I also didn’t mind it that much. Though of course, I do hope she will open up a bit more too people. Maybe put down her book to see the world around her.

The art is pretty and I really loved it. Though at times I didn’t like how some of the characters were drawn. Sometimes Ritsu looked more boy than girl, and various faces looked a bit smudged.
But still it is good art, and I loved all the details to the house and the world around our characters.

I will probably keep on reading this manga, I want to see how Usa and Ritsu’s relationship develops. And I also want to see more of Ritsu’s stuck to a book stuff. 🙂


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