Review for Fairest

Review for Fairest

22561351I am not going to write a long review. As people can probably see my rating is a 3 stars. The book was good, don’t get me wrong. But I am really confused about Levana.

We knew Levana is a baddie, she is the big villain of the whole series, but while reading this book and getting to know her better, I see she is bad, she is disturbing and at times a psychopath, but I can also see a girl underneath. A girl who just wants love and someone to like her for how she is. Because, that is the biggest problem that Levana has: she is disfigured, she has burns over a big portion over her body, thanks to her dear sister who pushed/held her in a fire when she was young. And I think this event and also the fact with how her sister is, and how everyone expects her to be pretty, made her the way she is now. Hateful, spiteful, angry at those who are pretty. And it breaks my heart, it made me feel for her, feel sorry for her that she has such a sister and has to go through so much. But on the other hand, she is also creepy and scary. Her thoughts were just urgh at times. Thinking of ways to kill someone, her total obsession with Evret. How she treated Evret and what happens near the end. I mean, WTF is up with you girl? Seriously?

The whole Selene part, and what happens there was just hugely disturbing and made me feel sick.

The book also gives us some more insight on Winter, her backstory, what happened to her and I can say, that I am now even more excited for Winter. She seems like a great character, and I really want a book from her POV.

Channary was just a horrendous person. Breaking her sister, hurting her sister, being an overall big bitch and a very bad ruler (yes, I would say, while Levana is bad, Channary was even worse at times).

I really loved seeing Luna before all the events that happen on Earth. How things weren’t going all too well, how the relations between Earth and the Moon were broken/bad, and how the plan was concocted to infect people on earth. How everything went from bad to terribly wtf happened here?

All in all, though I would recommend this book if you want more insight on Levana, to see how everything went to hell.


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