Review for Fangirl

Review for Fangirl

9781447280606Finally finished. \o/ This was a re-read, and it took me a while to get through it because I still remember a lot from it. Still a wonderful book, so 5 stars!

Cath, ah, Cath. My favourite character, though at times a bit awkward, but I know the feeling of just wanting to lock yourself up with a good book or with friends online. Partying? Meh, too many people. 🙂 However, I also found her a bit too much at times. Not even going out to eat? Not even trying to interact with people much? It was a bit of a frustration, especially during the beginning. Parties are one thing, but living on protein bars for a long time and avoiding a lot of humans? It is a bit too much and it felt just weird. Also, it made me want to shake her, to get her to understand that she just needs to get out for once!

But her social awkwardness aside, I really loved her. Her Simon Snow obsession was cute and I loved the she could write whole stories about the subject, captivating thousands of people.
It was really great fun to see her grow. From awkward, social avoiding and weird in the beginning to a great character who tries her best to be more social. Who tries to trust people more and who tries to let herself go loose sometimes.
I am also happy to see her during the whole thing with the fiction writing college. How she grew there, even though she probably didn’t notice it until the end. Didn’t see that Simon Snow wasn’t everything she could write.
Ah, I forgot, there was one thing I didn’t entirely like, how she would say she wasn’t the prettier twin, that her sister was so great and she wasn’t. I felt sad that she felt that, and it also got a bit annoying.

I didn’t like Wren for 80% of the book. Mostly this had to do with the attitude Wren had. I felt that Wren changed the moment she set foot in university/college. Like she felt that she didn’t need to be nice to her sister, didn’t need to do stuff with her any more. Maybe this is not correct, but this how it felt to me. She was rude to Cath, dissed her sister’s hobbies and her obsessions, didn’t try to help her out when Cath needed her. Kept trying to push her to do things and when Cath came to help her she was angry and not amused.
And when things went bad with their dad, she didn’t even once bat an eye. I really hated that. I can imagine you have a life and that you have things, but you only have one dad, one chance.
I also didn’t like how she kept pushing Cath about their mom.
Luckily there is still a 20% Wren that I did like. Mostly through flashbacks, but also with the ending.

Nick was just plain annoying and I hated him. What he did? Sorry, but I hope that one day he will make this mistake in real life and get really punished for it.

Levi, ah, swoon, Levi. I loved him. He is sweet, but also a bit of an idiot at times. I can imagine he was confused and worried, but you still don’t do that! That is just bad!
But I loved how he was with Cath. How he loved her fanfiction, how he didn’t make fun of it, how he tried to help out Cath. It was amazing that it took her so long to pick up the hints. 🙂

The book deals not only with first years at school, or finding love, or acceptance, but it also deals with a single dad (and his job that makes him go crazy at times) and a mom who couldn’t handle it any more and the consequences of that. I really loved all this and it formed one great book that I will love forever.

I would highly recommend this book to everyone!


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