Review for Goth Girl and the Pirate Queen

Review for Goth Girl and the Pirate Queen

24356879This was a delightful little read!

Ada is back, and this time she is in for a fashionable time! I really like Ada, and I was delighted to see her again. And this time she is out of her mansion and into a new part of the world. Once again, Ada shows her wits a few times, especially during the later parts of the story. Loved how she found new friends and helped them out with their careers.

The book is (once again) full with puns. Various fashion designers pop up in this book, but their names are just a bit different.

I really liked Lady George and her dogs. She was real dedicated to get them inside that party, even had her dress made so there would be room to hide her dogs.

The last part was fun, there was a fashion show, and I just loved the outfits. Some where really extravagant, while others seemed pretty normal.

The illustrations were gorgeous and there were a lot of them in this book, even more than the previous books. I loved it! I love Chris Riddell’s art, he really draws the most pretty things.

One thing that left me wondering. What happened to the money? I know it was lost/stolen/whatever, but it felt a bit sad we will never know if Ada found it, or that someone else found it, or that those people from that bathmachine stole it. It is a mystery, and it is also strange that a children’s book leaves something important like that aside. Normally things will be found or something will be done. Now it seems like Ada didn’t care about losing so much money.

Oh, Oh, I forgot! In this book we find out that there will be a new Goth Girl coming this year! I was really fangirling/book shimmying when I read about it. I can’t wait!

I would really recommend this to the fans of the Goth Girl series. While this book has various footnotes about recurring or talked about characters or events, I would strongly recommend reading this book after you read the first 2 books. Otherwise you might just miss stuff or won’t get the references entirely.


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