Review for Joshi Kausei Vol.1

Review for Joshi Kausei Vol.1

978-4575843880So I was looking around for a new funny manga, and I think I found it!

This manga is brilliantly funny. It might be a tiny bit boring at times, because this manga focusses mostly the images. There is absolutely no dialogue or much of a story. The only things you see pop up are sound effects or texts on paper. Otherwise nothing.

Still this is one perfect Slice of Life + Comedy manga. There are enough puns, and even without much story and dialogue, you can always figure out what is happening in the manga. Just by looking at the interactions and at expressions. It is great fun. In the first one our main girl grabs a traffic cone (red/white striped), because it is said that it will be her lucky item that day. What follows is a hilarious adventure to a park and in the end.. well you will just have to find out.

I really like our main character, she doesn’t always seem like the smartest girl, but she is very funny and she seems to have a lot of fun in the world. Making friends, going out, even being in school is something she makes a fun activity.
She has 2 other friends. One is more serious, while her other friend is more childish and often afraid of things. I really like them and I hope they will stay around for a long time.

The art is gorgeous (which is kind of to be expected, considering the story/puns lean so heavy on imagery to deliver the message). The characters look great and I haven’t seen anything yet that looks bad. 🙂

There is very little fanservice. Mostly what you will see are underwear shots.

All in all, I would highly recommend this manga to everyone in need for a calm, but funny slice of life.


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