Review for Junie B. First Grader: Aloha-ha-ha!

Review for Junie B. First Grader: Aloha-ha-ha!

230720I needed a book that took place in Hawaii for my group challenge. I decided on this one as it seems to be a fun book. Sadly it wasn’t. If anything, it was highly annoying and made me want to strangle that kid.

Dear Lord, Junie was SO annoying. Shouting in the airplane, ignoring her parents when she did stuff. And also, it was weird. She knew words like establishment and all kinds of other words that didn’t seem believable for someone who didn’t know how deal was spelled. And also some other stuff. It just didn’t fell believable.
And did she have to freaking shout all the time? I know kids are loud, but this is just overdone and I just wanted to tape Junie’s mouth closed. The caps in the book just got annoying. Yes, we know she is shouting, no need to show that by ADDING FREAKING CAPS, OK THANKS! Oh, and it was also annoying that at times they added caps, and then they didn’t. Come on writer, be consistent. Don’t do caps one sentence and then say someone shouted without the caps the next.
Oh boohoo she doesn’t like quiet days. Sorry girl, but everyday is a quiet day, especially when you are surrounded by people. Urgh at this girl. Always shouting and always being bleh and moody. She is on a freaking trip to Hawaii, not everyone can just go off and pop to Hawaii, so be happy little freaking girl.

Her talking with her plushie was also weird and I think it might be better had the plushie not actually said anything back.

I was already happy we didn’t see much of May, what an obnoxious little brat that is. Another reason why I am not going to even look at this series after this one any more.

I felt really sorry to the parents. Though, I partially blame them. They are pretty lax about Junie. I wish they were more strict and would show her that her actions have consequences. That she just can’t shout or say everything to everyone. That she needs to behave and be polite. I also didn’t get why they would take her with them to Hawaii. She clearly can’t behave, nor does she listen.

I would not recommend this book to anyone. Unless you want an obnoxious little brat as main character and don’t mind her shouting in caps every page.


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