Review for Losing at Love

Review for Losing at Love

24497125I was delighted when I found out this series got a second book. I have been waiting for almost 2 years, in the end even giving up to check this one every time I had to see if there was something new.

It took me a little bit to get back in the series. But as soon as I knew the characters and established their relationships it was like I never left. I just flew over the pages.

We have 3 POVs. Penny, Jasmine and Indy, each of them has their problems, their goals and also a love life. It is all interesting to see how everything entwines and comes together.

Penny was just a moron. Sorry, you have all the chances in your life to try Wimbledon, and you want to ruin it all by playing the current one? It just felt incredibly stupid, she was hurting so badly, and everyone was telling her this was a bad idea, but oh no, miss Penny needs to win, wants to win. Not caring that if her ankle really gives, if it really will tear, then her whole career is over. Now, she can still have a chance later. When everything is healed. I won’t spoil anything about her decisions and what happened at the end as there were things that happened around the end.

All the drama between ALL the characters just got a bit old and boring. It was fun in the beginning and it gave the story something extra, but after 200 pages… I just got tired of it and wondered why they just couldn’t talk it all out. Why they had to go through such lengths. They are friends right? Well, I didn’t feel much friendship as the story went on.
Especially the whole Indiana x Jack and needing to tell Penny (and not doing it until she found out herself) or the whole Jasmine x Teddy x Paolo stuff. I am glad that Jasmine part was found out soon and that Jasmine made a wonderful decision, but I just hated how the Penny x Indiana x Jack stuff was dragged out.

Add to that, we got a new character, who thank the Lord above, doesn’t play a big role, but she is still highly annoying. She brought with her a lot of tension, and I don’t tend to like characters who act like she does. It was just disgusting and I wanted to smack her.

I really loved the romance in this one. It was all clean, nothing like a lot of New Adult books have, but even with it being clean, it was still very hot and sexy. And I loved how our characters didn’t immediately hop into bed with their boyfriends. Instead most of them took it slow and easy, which made it all very realistic. (Yes, sorry, I don’t think it is very realistic when people dive into bed immediately after a spark.)

All in all, this was a pretty decent read, not as good as the other one (due to the drama/annoying characters), but I would still recommend it to people.


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