Review for Love Bomb

Review for Love Bomb

22096015I was kind of worried about this book. I was looking forward to it, but also worried that it might not be as awesome as the first book.

After all, it wouldn’t be the first time that I would hate a second book in a series. But thank Lord, I loved this book, I adored it, and it is now one of my many favourites.

This time we have a new main character. The previous book we had Bea, but this time we have Betty. Betty who has enough problems/things going on in her life. She and her dad are alone, her mom died when she was 2 (more on mom later in the review), her dad is possibly seeing someone and then she falls in love with the hot new boy in the school and gets a whole lot of stuff with that. And a lot more happens in our girl Betty’s life.
I really loved Betty, though at times I didn’t like her decisions, or I found her overly naive. For instance when she auditioned for hot new boy’s band and found out about something and picked him over her best friend (they really seem to like doing that in these books). Or the time that she went over to a sleepover at the hot new guy’s house and didn’t at all understand why this was a bad idea, and why she shouldn’t have gone with that guy. I know, I know, these girls are 15/16, but seriously? It just felt strange and weird that Betty couldn’t even see it was bad until the moment things almost ended badly.
But, even with all naivety and picking other people over friends and lying, she is still a wonderful friend and a great person. I felt sorry for her at times, she was naive but she doesn’t deserve this, I also felt sorry for her in regards to her mom.
And she was so typically teenager when she found out her dad might possibly have a girlfriend. A girlfriend she called Poo instead of Rue. But, unlike some books, you can see her change her opinion on Po, um Rue. I have read enough books about teenagers with divorced/alone parents and what the hell they all did to get there parent to stay alone, that I was delighted that this book didn’t do all that.

I also loved Betty’s obliviousness. I can’t really say why and to what she was oblivious to, as that would spoil things, but it was great fun to see that person go to such lengths and her just obliviously not noticing. 🙂

I really loved the mom’s letters. I loved that Betty’s mom did all that for her, tried (even when sick and dying) to write something so her daughter could remember her, so she could/maybe help her daughter when her daughter would need a mother. It was all heartbreaking though, poor Betty, poor dad and poor mom. It must be horrific knowing you will die, and that you will never see your baby grow up.

I didn’t like Toby. Not at all. I just had a bad feeling about him from the start. Some guys should be avoided at all costs.

Pearl was so-so. I liked her slightly better than the previous books, and I am hoping and guessing I will like her more when we finally get a book from her POV, as that will give us insight on why she is such a stuck-up bitch at times, but at other times is really friendly. We know what transpired between our girls, but I would also like to see it from Pearl’s POV. See what she thinks, what she thought.

All in all though, I laughed out loud many times, shook my head many times as well and enjoyed myself a whole lot! I would really recommend people read this book and also the previous one. Be sure to read them in order as the story continues where we left in the previous book.


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