Review for Midnight Games

Review for Midnight Games

61GctcwmbGLThe book starts off where we left the previous book. Back with Nate. However, we soon switch over to the real protagonist. A girl named Dana Fear. And she is a big reason why I rated this book a 4 stars instead of a 5 stars.

The book was good, no it was brilliant. But, the characters just sucked. I will post this in spoiler tags as it is a spoiler/might spoil stuff, which I don’t want. Dana is really flirting with ALL the guys, regardless of their relationship status. Someone has a girlfriend? Just flirt with them! Who cares! *sighs* I don’t like and I don’t want this behaviour in my books. I was really looking forward to Dana, looking forward to see a new Fear pop in. But she turns out to be a whiny, angsty and overly flirty /care for relationships kind of girl. Add to that the whole thing that kept happening around/with Dana. I was really confused, did she or did she not do stuff? The ending of the book tells us what really happened and it was nicely done. While I had my suspicions and hopes, I know that R.L. Stine likes to throw in twists and turns so I was prepared to get confused, luckily that didn’t happen!

The whole business with Jamie? No spoilers, but I saw it coming! And that is all I will say.

I didn’t like Nate in this book. I am not sure what happened to him, though I can guess that certain events truly shook him up. Still that doesn’t clear him from his actions in the book. Again, spoiler tags, I don’t want to spoil stuff, but I do want to rage for a little bit. 🙂 So Nate has a girlfriend named Ada now. She is quite possessive (which isn’t a really good trait to have). But, he is a total dickhead towards his relationship. He openly flirts with Dana, he even kisses her on her cheek and allows her to hold him. Dude, I know Ada doesn’t own you, but this is no way to treat your girlfriend. Even if you don’t think you are in a relationship, you have something with Ada, you can’t just flirt and go off with other girls. That is a big no-no.
And frankly, I didn’t expect him like this. Sure Nate has some bad traits, but he really turned in this book. Instead of liking him, worrying over him, I was angry at him and wanted to smack him on his head for being such an idiot. Poor Ada.

The mystery and murders go up to a whole new level in this one. If you thought what happened to Candy was gruesome, then be prepared! I won’t say what and who, but let’s just say, wow, this was one awesome and action/scared-packed book. Lots of scares, lots of thrills and lots of revelations!

The end of the book was fantastic! I really can’t wait to get the third book and find out what happens in there. Sadly, that will take another week or so (since I need to order it online), but as soon as it gets here I will read it!

Oh, there was one other thing I didn’t particularly like. The book felt a bit choppy at times. The language a bit off. Like at times it was written for older kids and then switches back to younger kids. It was a bit weird and I had to re-read sentences to make sure I read the right thing.

Still, I would highly recommend this book. This is really a must read!


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